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Sat, 22 Jul


Small Ground

Bosco Kickathon


Bosco Kickathon
Bosco Kickathon

Time & Location

22 Jul 2023, 9:30 am

Small Ground

About the event


Football, it hurts and humbles… for every winner, a loser… for every triumph, a defeat… but on the horizon awaits a new season, a new opportunity… for redemption, for glory, for immortality… the brave will take to the pitch as warriors to battle… shoulder to shoulder, face to face… the hunger, the determination… to push limits, to fight, to run, tackle, defend, attack, score and celebrate! In the name of football… the game we love and live for.

Rules and Guidelines:
  1. Each game will be of 14 minutes with half time being at 7 minutes. The recess time will be 3 minutes.
  2. Rolling substitute (only for 2) will be allowed during the game.
  3. A goal will be only valid and taken into consideration if it is shot from outside the D-box.
  4. Apart from these rules, the rules in the FIFA rules for futsal will be adhered to.
  5. Ball should not go above shoulder height; violation of this rule will result in a foul.
  6. If the ball goes out of bounds, there will be no throw-in; rather the player will kick the ball-in at the spot from which the ball goes out of bounds.
  7. A shootout will be held with three chances given to each team for deciding the winner in case of a tie.
  8. If the tie still persists, a toss shall be made to decide the winner.
  9. Other rules and information shall be given on the ground.
  1. Each team should have their school team jersey with the name of the school’s name printed on it.
  2. It is mandatory for the players to play barefoot
  3. It is mandatory for all players to take off all accessories (rings, bangles, necklaces, etc.) while playing.
  1. All students from classes 8-12 are eligible to take part in this event.
  2. A total of 6 participants [5+1 (substitutes)] will be allowed to take part from each school.
This event has a group. You’re welcome to join the group once you register for the event.

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