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  • All schools are to report at the registration desk between 7:30am-8:00am. The opening ceremony will begin at 8:20am.

  • All students must be in school uniform, with no exceptions made.

  • All students must carry their identity cards throughout the day.

  • All students must be accompanied by a teacher of their respective schools.

  • Any student who is an ex-student of Don Bosco School, Bandel shall not accompany his school as a School Representative or participate in any event.

  • No Electronic Gadgets will be allowed inside the auditorium. Mobile phones are allowed but are to be used only outside the auditorium.

  • Everyone must be present in the auditorium for the opening ceremony as well as the closing ceremony.

  • Musical instruments and other required instruments are to be brought by the participants. Only the Drum Set will be provided by the host school.

  • Each participating school will be responsible for their belongings.

  • Each school must provide relevant contact details.

  • Once inside the school campus, no student will be allowed to leave the school campus.

  • No boys/male teachers/choreographers /make-up men will be allowed to enter the room allotted for girls on the day of the events. All requirements must be looked after by the female teachers accompanying the students.

  • For Girls’ schools and Co-ed schools, if the troop is accompanied by a male make-up artist or a choreographer, the host school should be informed through a letter from the Principal of the respective schools. No exceptions will be made.

  • No one should be present at the back-stage during the On-Stage performances unless they are a part of the performance. Only the choreographer will be allowed to be at the back-stage during the performance of the concerned school. For any help, the back-stage volunteers may be contacted.

  • No props or costumes will be provided by the host school for any event. For Street play if the participating school requires chairs as props, it must be mentioned along with the list of participants.

  • For any help during the events, schools can approach the help desk or can contact the respective school in - charges or the event volunteers.

  • There should be separate Pen-Drives containing audios and videos for various events in mp3 and mp4 formats respectively. These are to be submitted at the registration desk on the day of the event. Schools are expected to bring back-up files for audio and video.

  • The host school will be accepting only pen-drives.

  • The top three schools will be decided on the basis of total points amassed by the schools. The schools will be awarded the points according to the following system:


                  1st position – 15 points

                  2nd position – 10 points

                  3rd position – 5 points


  • All the participants must be from Class 3 and above.

  • The schools should register individual names for solo events and as teams for group events.

  • Students can take part in multiple events provided that the times allotted for both the events do not clash.

  • The online registration for all the events should be done by sending a mail to the official email address of XpreZns: The registration lines will be open from the 19th of July, 2023 at 12:00pm and will be kept open till 3:00pm on the 22nd of July.

  • Only the first ten schools to send registration mails for the five on-stage events to be held in the auditorium (Eastern Music, Eastern Dance, Western Music, Western Dance, Western Dance-Junior) will be given a slot for performance. No requests on the grounds of changing slots of the event by the teachers or students will be accepted on the day of XpreZns’23.

  • Sequence of the slots of the event will be chosen via lottery on the Representative Meet Day.

  • Each school must participate in at least 60% of the total number of events. (18 Events including three junior events).

  • An onstage event will be cancelled provided there is no adequate participation (5 schools)

  • The participants list has to be mailed to by 10th of July.

  • Participants are expected to reach their respective venues 10 minutes before the scheduled time of starting of the event.

  • Schools need to bring two copies of participants’ lists on the day of the event. One should be an event-wise list and the other a complete list of the participants along with their respective classes.


  • Participants must maintain a respectful and sportsmanlike attitude throughout the event.

  • Any misconduct on the part of students or involvement in vulgarity in any item will result in the disqualification of the school concerned in that particular event.

  • Participating teams may be disqualified if they do not adhere to the rules and regulations of a particular event.

  • The decision of the judges will be binding on all participants and shall not be questioned.

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